This Blog is created to announce about jobs in the Pakistan & Arabic world especially in the gulf countries including :- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) - United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Kuwait - Qatar - Bahrain - Oman - Iraq in different categories of jobs and careers including IT - Computer - Software - Hardware - Internet - Medicine - Pharmacy - Accounting - Finance - Sales - Marketing - Translation - Education - Publishing - Distribution and so on.

All graduates, employees and job seekers are invited to join this Blog to find suitable full-time or part-time jobs and opportunies for them depending on their background, study and experience.

All companies & employers are invited to subscribe this group and declare about their available job vacancies.

The sources of jobs will be from Arabic Newspapers - Magazines - Companies Declarations - Our Subscribed Companies - Our Joined Members and Other Job Groups.

We can help each other in learning how to write a good CV or Resume and How to act in interviews and a lot of presentation and communication skills like Quick Reading - Technical Writing - Good Listening - Excellent Speaking - CV - Interview - Tests - Exams - Job Search Methods - Certificates - IQ and other general skills.

The Idea of this Blog is built upon the cooperation between its members and exchanging job, career ,and recruitment information among us so that we can help ourselves in finding suitable and good jobs and solve the the problem of unemployment.

Best Regards,
Munir Ahmad Tahir

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